In this podcast episode of the The Best Business Minds, John White and Marc Kramer explore the visionary ideas behind John’s latest book, “Why It Matters: Reflections on Practical Leadership.”
Best Business Minds hosts live online insights from business book authors, who combine real world experience with solid research to provide insights on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Marketing, Leadership, Sales, Venture Capital, Management, Artificial Intelligence and Angel Investing.
June 13, 2023
Success Is Being What You Are Meant To Be
In this episode of Success Is _____, Philip Portman hosts Dr. John White.
White defines success as a concept that has evolved throughout his career, and he measures it by the impact he has on people’s lives through his teaching. White’s belief is that success lies in seeing the people he shares his passion with making a difference. He wishes to measure his net worth not in monetary terms, but in the positive impact his teachings have on people’s lives.

March 12, 2023

Reflections on Practical Leadership with SCM Talent Group Podcast
In this episode, Mike Ogle and Chris Gaffney speak with John White. They focus primarily on leadership lessons coming out of John’s new book, Why It Matters: Reflections on Practical Leadership. The book is based on leadership insights from a wide variety of business leaders at the highest positions of their companies. Drawing on his experiences, John shares some of his favorite leadership and life lessons in the book and his thoughts about pursuing careers in supply chain.

March 9, 2023

When Good Is Not The Enemy Of Great with Jeff Perry, MBA
DON’T LET ‘GOOD’ STAND IN THE WAY OF GREATNESS! In the latest YouTube Short video from the Engineering Management Institute, Dr. John A. White, Chancellor Emeritus at the University of Arkansas, shares his insights on this statement and explains how leadership is situational and depends on the situation at hand. Don’t miss out on this valuable leadership advice!

February 16, 2023

The Remarkable Leadership Podcast with Kevin Eikenberry
Reflections on Practical Leadership with Dr. John A. White
Good leadership is essential to success, matters, and is not about you. Dr. John A. White has experienced this firsthand through 6 decades of leading and learning. He stresses that a leader should not focus on their success, instead they should put their team first and create an environment of listen, learn, love, then lead. This approach is not only beneficial for the leader, but also the team and the organization.

February 8, 2023

The Engineering Career Coach with Jeff Perry, MBA
How to Become the Best Engineering Leader in Your Field
John A. White, the Chancellor Emeritus at the University of Arkansas, one of the foremost engineering authorities in America, talks with Jeff Perry, host of The Engineering Career Coach about effective leadership in engineering. He provides some great tips that you can start using right away to become the best engineering leader in your field.
The Engineering Career Coach is a Podcast of the Engineering Management Institute.

January 3, 2023

Being an Engineer with Aaron Moncur
Leadership, Opposing Opinions, & Balancing Work and Life
In this episode, Aaron hosts John A. White Jr. – White holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as a Ph.D in industrial engineering. John’s career has spanned over 50 years, the vast majority of that being spent in academics. He has held many titles over the years, including, but not limited to, Dean of Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, Chancellor at the University of Arkansas, and Assistant Director for Engineering at the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C.
Aaron Moncur is Owner of Pipeline Design & Engineering
Transformative Experts with Chris Elias
Belief Drives Success
In this episode, Chris sits down with John White, author of Why It Matters: Reflections on Practical Leadership. For many decades, John has worked in academia helping major programs transform. His success didn’t come easy, though. Like most leaders, he had to navigate organizational cultural issues and internal politics. His experience not only helped him transform major university programs, but also many large public organizations though his input as a board member. John’s story is both incredible and engaging. The lessons he has learned and teaches are applicable to anyone. As he often says, “Teachers are Leaders and Leaders are Teachers”. Listen in to this episode to learn, “Why it Matters”.

October 17, 2022

Alignment Issues in Higher Ed Governance and Governing Boards
In this episode of Changing Higher Ed podcast, Dr. Drumm McNaughton and Dr. John A. White, discuss changes in higher ed governance and governing boards, and strategies for aligning trustees with the CEO’s strategic mission and strategies. Their experience is both higher education and corporate; this is important as higher education governance is becoming more and more like that of corporate governance.
University of Arkansas News congratulating Chancellor Emeritus John White on his new book:  Why It Matters: Reflections on Practical Leadership
The new book, which became available in October, draws on White’s wealth of expertise acquired across a six-decade career as a corporate leader, chancellor, dean, educator, engineer and consultant to create a thorough and thought-provoking treatise on leadership.
See article here.
John A. White, Jr. reflects on his first ten years as chancellor, in this interview by the award-winning University of Arkansas journalism professor, Larry Foley.

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